Our Aim

Classactionsettlementinfo.com is a volunteer organisation dedicated to delivering accurate and timely information about class action settlements. As a group, we believe in consumer rights and are extremely sensitive to corporate wrongdoing. We believe it is our responsibility to expose issues and lawsuits in order to reach out to as many people as possible.


We work on current settlements where consumers can learn about the problem and file claims. We try to give as much information as we can to help people file claims correctly. This includes links to detailed guides, links to apply for class action, eligibility criteria, and other information needed to file claims.


We also write about ongoing lawsuits and investigations into corporate wrongdoing based on information we get from the lawyers we work with and information that is available to the public.

Report A Class Action

Our team tries to bring attention to problems that are harmful to society and encourages people who have been affected to join the claims.