Amazon recently focused on the expansion of its Delivery Service Partner Network by encouraging its delivery employees to start their own businesses, but the problem is that it only encourages Hispanic, Black, and Native American people to participate in this programme. According to Amazon, this programme will provide a new startup with a $10,000 easy loan and a three-month salary.

“Asian and White” felt incredibly neglected and discriminated after the start of this programme.

What Exactly Is This Lawsuit?

A lawsuit has been filed against Amazon over a programme that provides “Black, Latinx, and Native American entrepreneurs” with a $10,000 stipend to help them create their own delivery startup businesses. The plaintiff, a white lady, is upset with the programme. The online retailer arranges for the delivery of products by entering into contracts with neighbourhood “delivery service partners,” who are independent enterprises that transport packages from A to B.

To support their lawsuit Plaintiff provide another example of discrimination of The $500 credit programme offered by the Black Business Accelerator promotes black-owned businesses, which constitutes discriminatory towards other communities.

Might Be Interested

The class-action complaint, which was filed on July 20 by some of the most renowned attorneys in the country, claims that the allowances are illegal under the Civil Rights Act of 1866, which forbids racial discrimination in employment.

Amazon decided not to comment on this lawsuit as of yet.

Plantiff Name: Crystal Bolduc

Texas district court (Case No. 4:22-cv-615)