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The lawsuit filed as a class action asserts that T-Mobile misled both legislators and the general public regarding the establishment of numerous outlets following the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint. Consequently, this deceitful action led to the closure of predominantly minority-owned stores, leaving them with minimal or no reparation.

Despite many mediation attempts, a class action complaint alleging that T-Mobile misled customers about the merger’s potential impact has yet to be resolved. T-Mobile argued that the case was not suitable for mediation as it involved complex legal and factual issues.



T-Mobile is the United States’ leading wireless network operator, with over 84 million subscribers. They provide high-speed internet, voice, and messaging services, and they will continue expanding their 5G coverage and enhancing their nationwide 4G LTE network.

Sprint class action alleges that T-Mobile and Arch Telecom colluded to shut down stores owned by minorities, offering them very little compensation. They are seeking $1 billion in punitive damages, $100 million in compensatory damages, and attorney’s fees.

The lawsuit claims that the merger between T-Mobile and Sprint in April 2020 is being accused of being anti-competitive and causing significant financial losses for small businesses in the US, as well as subscribers to AT&T and Verizon. The lawsuit argues that the merger created a dominant entity that lacks the motivation to compete fairly. Fourteen states and the District of Columbia have taken legal action against the companies, claiming that the merger would decrease competition and result in an annual harm of at least $9 billion to consumers. The defendants are seeking $1 billion in punitive damages and $100 million in compensatory damages, plus attorney’s fees. 

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