Snapchat has agreed to settle Illinois BIPA’s privacy lawsuit out of court for $35 million. Snapchat did not admit wrongdoing, but the settlement was reached to avoid future costs.

Snapchat has illegally collected users’ biometric information without their consent. According to the complaint, the social media site that works like Snapchat illegally collects, stores, and shares information about its users’ faces and voices without first giving the necessary warnings about how the information will be used and for how long.

The lens in question was popular for enhancing your facial features and slimming your face. Users didn’t know that the lens was being used to collect and store their biometric information, and Snapchat didn’t get their permission first.

Might Be Interested

The lawsuit says that Snapchat did not get permission from its users and did not follow the Illinois Bipa Act.

The Illinois BIPA act restricts privately owned companies from collecting and storing facial biometric data regardless of where they are located. According to the act, companies cannot store, sell, or collect the data regardless of the circumstances.

Class Counsel Grossman PLLC could be charged up to 35% of the Settlement Fund, or $12,250,000, in attorney fees. The firm could also ask for a refund of its expenses, which add up to $73,723.09. Attorney will propose a $2,000 Service Award for each Class Representative for their advocacy on behalf of the Settlement Class.

Who Is Eligible?

Anyone who has used a Snap lens or filters since November 17, 2015 and resides in Illinois is eligible. In order to claim it, you just need to have a valid Snapchat ID.

Claim Deadline: November 05, 2022
Objection & Exclusion Due Date: October 06, 2022
Final Approval Hearing:  November 17, 2022

No proof of purchase required!