Bayer HealthCare and Beiersdorf paid $2.3 million to settle Coppertone sunscreen cancer allegations. The settlement doesn’t need evidence of purchase. If you get a blood cancer like chronic lymphocytic leukaemia or acute lymphocytic leukaemia after using benzene-containing sunscreens that were recalled, you might be able to receive compensation.

Independent lab Valisure conducte testst and found benzene in dozens of sunscreen and after-sun products. Coppertone randomly tested their aerosol sunscreens after Valisure’s findings. It found benzene in certain aerosol sunscreens, prompting a recall.
Aerosol sunscreen sprays are frequently preferred to traditional sunscreen lotions because they are more convenient and less oily. Instead of using a bottle or tube, it is much more convenient and easy to apply spray.

Might Be Interested

Coppertone hasn’t admitted guilt but has settled for $2.3 million.

Unfortunately, benzene, a carcinogen found in these aerosol sunscreen sprays, has been linked to several companies’ being sued. In addition to Coppertone, a popular brand owned by Beiersdorf, Aveeno, and Neutrogena were also involved in a widespread recall.

Important Settlement Points

  • In a class action lawsuit, it is said that Coppertone misled customers by labelling its products as “healthy,” “safe,” “natural,” and “simple,” when they actually contain benzene.
  • Class members with purchase receipts are eligible for full reimbursements, while others can claim the average retail price for up to six products per family.

Who Is Eligible?

Customers who bought specific Coppertone spray sunscreen products before August 2, 2022, will receive a payment from the settlement. The settlement applies to the following products:

• Pure & Simple SPF 50
• SPF 50 Pure & Simple Kids
• Glow Shimmer SPF 30
• Sport SPF 30
• Pure & Simple Baby SPF 50
• Sport SPF 50
• Sport SPF 15
• Glow Shimmer SPF 50
• Kids ‘SPF 50
• Sport Mineral SPF 50
• Complete SPF 50
• Complete SPF 30

Proof of purchase does not required in this settlement.
Claim Deadline: Nov. 7, 2022.
Final Hearing: Jan. 5, 2023.