A three-year-long Hello Toothpaste False Advertising Lawsuit has been settled for $1.5 million. Hello has not admitted any wrongdoing but has agreed to settle the lawsuit outside of court.

Hello takes pride in being a leader in dental care innovation, claiming that its products are not only effective but also organic and delicious. Although Hello offers a wide range of products, from mouthwashes to lip balms, the specific lawsuit is about its toothpaste. According to the lawsuit, the Hello activated charcoal is not as good for your health as it is claimed in product marketing.

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Settlement Details

  • A woman from New York sued Hello Products, saying that their charcoal toothpaste didn’t live up to what they said it would and could be bad for her health.
  • According to Webmd, activated charcoal is only approved for use in certain circumstances, such as poisonings or overdoses.
  • Hello’s claims about its toothpaste being safe and detoxifying lack supporting evidence, according to Sarah, who claims that the company did not conduct adequate testing or research before making any of these claims. She believes these claims are false because they have not been proven.

Hello “never had the requisite clinical or scientific proof or evidence” to support its dental hygiene claims, the lawsuit claims.

Who is eligible?

If you’re a U.S. resident who bought Hello’s activated charcoal oral care products, you may qualify for reimbursement from the class action. However, proof of purchase is not required.

With Proof

$6.00 for each product up-to 10 products per family.

Claim Deadline: October 11, 2022
Final Hearing: January 10, 2023
Without Proof

$6.00 for each product up-to 5 products per family.

Settlement Website:   CharcoalToothpasteSettlement.com