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Kirk’s Natural has agreed to a settlement of $650,000 in a lawsuit concerning its South of France line of soaps. The lawsuit alleged that the product name was misleading consumers into believing that the soaps were produced in France, when they are actually made in the United States.

Kirk’s Natural is a family-owned business that has been producing natural soaps for over 50 years. The company prides itself on creating products that are both eco-friendly and affordable. In 2018, the company was hit with a lawsuit alleging that its labeling of certain products as “South of France” was misleading customers into believing that the products were manufactured in the south of France. Although the soaps were made in the U.S., the advertising implied they were made on the coast in France.

The suit claims that Kirk’s Natural uses French-inspired packaging and labeling to give the impression that its South of France soap, hand wash, sugar polish, foaming hand wash, and hand and body cream products are produced in France and imported to the United States. Plaintiff Monique Salerno spoke for a group of people who bought any beauty care products from France between September 3, 2018 and the time of class certification. She says she bought a product from the South of France because the French words on the package made her think it was made there, but it was actually made in Kentucky.

If you have been misled by the packaging or labeling on any Kirk’s Natural South of France products, you may be entitled to compensation as part of this settlement. Contact your local attorney for more information about how to join the class action lawsuit.

Can I join the settlement?

Anyone who purchased 6-ounce, travel-size, or 8-ounce bar soaps, body lotions, or moisturizing hand cream from the South of France between September 3, 2015, and August 12, 2022.


People who are part of the class can get money from this settlement. For some claims, you don’t need to show proof of purchase, but if you do, it can help you get more money. You can claim up to 10 products without proof of purchase. Each product pays out $2, so the most you can get is $20. You can claim up to 40 products if you have proof of purchase. Each product pays out $2, so the most you can get is $80.

Settlement Website

Important Dates

  • Claim Form Deadline: May 01, 2023
  • Final Approval Hearing Date: January 30, 2023
  • Objection/Exclusion Deadline: January 6, 2023