Keurig misled its customers about the recycling alternatives for their K-Cup coffee pods, which are not accepted by the majority of municipal recycling programs. The study also said that Keurig had not given enough instructions in some places on how to recycle the pods.

 According to the terms of the settlement, Keurig must now include updated information about the recyclable nature of its products on its website, packaging, social media, and traditional media.


Keurig paid $10 million to settle a lawsuit that said it misled customers about how recyclable its K-Cups were. Customers can file a claim without having to show proof of purchase.Those who purchased recyclable K-Cups between June 8, 2016, and August 8, 2022 will benefit from the settlement.

A proposed settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit contesting the marketing and labelling of recyclable K-Cup® single-serving coffee pods. Plaintiffs in the case claimed they were misled into believing the products were easily recyclable owing to packaging and promotion. Despite vigorously rejecting all of the Plaintiffs’ allegations, defendant Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. (“Keurig”) is engaging in this settlement to avoid time-consuming and costly litigation.

Keurig’s $10M lawsuit settlement

Class action lawsuit filed in 2018 challenged Keurig’s recycling claims

The complainants in the case contend that the pods’ small size renders them unsuitable for recycling in most manufacturing plants. These pods are said to end up in landfills.Plaintiffs, on the other hand, claim that Keurig deceives consumers by touting the recyclable nature of its K-Cup cups. Plaintiffs have filed a lawsuit against Keurig, saying that if they and other customers had known the truth, they would not have bought the pods.

Keurig has refuted these charges, claiming that customers with common sense would comprehend that K-Cups are not recyclable anywhere. The corporation’s attempt to get the case dismissed was fruitless. Keurig has not admitted wrongdoing but has accepted a $10 million settlement to end the litigation.

With Proof You Receive

$36 Maximum Per Household

Claim Acceptable Before: 01/09/2023
Does Not Require Proof of Payment
Without Proof You Receive

$5  Per Household