In May of 2019, hackers broke into StockX and stole every customer’s personal information. Due to the severity of the data breach, StockX has decided to send an email to all of its users requesting that they change their password.

StockX found out after a thorough look at their systems that a single hacker was behind the data breach and had been able to get personal information about their customers.

Personal information, including names, addresses, email, passwords, and purchase history, was stolen.

Important Settlement Points

  • StockX has agreed to pay $130,000 CAD to settle the data breach complaint.
  • Settlement class members will get a complimentary 18-month TransUnion credit monitoring subscription.
  • StockX has set aside $130,000 CAD to compensate anyone who has suffered financial damage as a result of a data breach.
  • StockX data breech class action settlement is open now, people who are affected can start to file claims.

Might Be Interested

Eligibility Criteria

Prior to May 14, 2019, Canadian residents who have a StockX user account were deemed eligible for the class action settlement.

Claim Deadline Date: Dec. 7, 2022

Settlement Website: