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Verizon Communications recently agreed to settle a class action lawsuit regarding administrative fees charged to customers who prepaid their bills from 2013-2016, which claimed that fees between $1 and $2 were taken advantage of on these customers without them being informed beforehand or published as such in their Terms and Conditions.

The settlement includes cash payments of up to $75 for eligible customers who were charged administrative fees during the covered period, as well as credit of up to $25 for active prepaid subscribers as of the settlement date.

Verizon customers who were unknowingly charged fees can submit a claim form in order to recover some of the money taken from their accounts without their knowledge or consent.Customers enrolled in Verizon Prepaid service during a covered period and charged an administrative fee may be eligible for compensation; even those receiving waivers or discounts due to promotions could still qualify.

The settlement also contains provisions to prevent similar problems from arising in the future and is subject to court approval for distribution within 14 months after receiving court authorization. 

Can I join the settlement?

  • Anyone living in the USA who purchased certain devices between September 28, 2013 and December 16, 2016 from Verizon could qualify for a cash settlement as part of this settlement agreement.
  • Certain individuals and companies do not fall under the settlement class’s scope, including judges who presided and their families, Verizon, its affiliated individuals/companies/executives/directors etc.


  • Verizon customers could receive up to $100 million as part of an administrative fees settlement agreement.
  • These funds will be used to pay settlement payments to Settlement Class members, distribute notices and settle settlement checks as well as cover attorneys’ expenses..
  • If eligible, payments could range between $50.00 and $100.00 depending on your Verizon subscription length and number of valid claims filed.
  • Initial allocation amounts for each account include $15.00 plus $1.00 each month wireless data services or postpaid wireless services were utilized along with administrative charges between January 1, 2016 and the Settlement Agreement Date; maximum allocation amount being $100.00.
  • Claimants who make valid claims will have their payments reduced proportionately if the Settlement Fund cannot meet their needs.

Eligible class members must submit claims by April 15, 2024 in order to be included. If any further queries arise or additional details are necessary, email info@Verizon Administrative Charge Settlement .com or call 1-844-689-0186.

Settlement Website

Important Dates

  • Claim Form Deadline: April 15, 2024
  • Final Approval Hearing Date: February 26, 2024
  • Objection/Exclusion Deadline: February 20, 2024